Written on July 24.2020

Project update week 30: 'building prosperity'


In the meantime, holidays started. The workforce at Havecon has also temporarily shrunk somewhat. But that does not mean that we are in construction recess. On the contrary, it is better to speak of building prosperity!

All projects in both Europe and North America, are progressing well. A large number of them are already in the final phase!
Enough reason to make you part of the status of our works again. In addition, we have selected the most beautiful photos for you. Are you watching and reading along?

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

Final touches with the Ontario Plant Propagators! The last finishing work on the greenhouse was completed this week, which means that construction has ended. The screen installation is ready; the fabric is pulled later when the concrete floors are poured.

The warehouse is also making good progress: the sandwich deck and gables are ready.

Pure Flavor

The gables are almost finished at Pure Flavor in Staples (ON); the latter is currently being assembled. In addition, there was plenty of activity in the greenhouse in the past week. Voorwinden is busy pulling the crop threads. JV Energy is busy hanging and welding the 51mm pipes and with the construction of the hot water storage tank. Third ring is finished. All in all it is already starting to look like a cultivation facility!

JEM Farms

We are at full speed in Ruthven, Canada: approximately 85% of the glazing is finished and will be finalized in the course of next week. Filling the ventilation windows is also well over half. The same goes for the pushers. The complete ventilation will be ready next week.
JV Energy is working on the ground pipes, of which a quarter has been completed. Finally, Alweco / Westland GS has started to provide the first air windows with insect mesh.


Glass and air mechanism are included in project Redsun. JV Energy is almost finished with the piping for the heating in the gables and is now also working on the CO2 installation.
Furthermore, Alweco / Westland is busy with the screening. Finally, Tebarex and Gryphon have started their irrigation and electrical installation work.

Twin Creeks

Plenty of activity at Twin Creeks. Voorwinden is busy assembling the connecting corridor (between phase 1/2 and phase 3/4) and installing the polycarbonate facades around the new greenhouse (phase 3/4).

As for the greenhouses:

Phase 3:
- Screen cloth is ready;
- Voorwinden will start pulling the crop threads next week;
- Regarding the heating, people are busy painting the 51mm pipes;
- Soon the ground cloth will also be pulled and with that we are moving towards the final phase!

Phase 4:
- The last digging is currently being completed;
- The screen will start next week;
- Following this, the activities mentioned in phase 3 (crop wire, heating 51mm pipes, welding and painting and pulling the ground cloth).


The steel construction of the warehouse is finished! This week the assembly of the sandwich deck will start. The sandwich facades are then also closed. Finally, the removal of both the greenhouse and the warehouse is completed.

European works


We are in the final phase of construction in France! A lot of hard work has been done there. After a summer break, finishing work will start at the end of next month.

Serres d'Isigny

Another project in the final phase of construction. In France, a lot of hard work has been done, which means that we will start finishing the greenhouse and warehouse from next week.

Grootscholte/4 Evergreen

Another project in the final phase! Next week finishing work will also start in Westdorpe in Zeeland.

Baanheidehof 2

The preparatory work for our second project for Baanheidehof this year has been completed. That clears the way for construction; the first steel is therefore going up this week. In about three weeks, the first glass will go on in Beerse, Belgium.

Cambidge HOK - Beeswax

Glazing all over in Carrington, Lincolnshire. Next week work on the air mechanism will start, the week after followed by installing the gables.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

Building on at the Dutch coast! Things are going very well and fast in Hoek van Holland. The sample is already up and glazing can start next week.

Dick van der Gaag

New project! We recently completed a project in the Dutch Noordoostpolder, more specifically Luttelgeest for Hoogweg, but we are already underway there for Dick van der Gaag. It concerns a tomato greenhouse of over 3 hectares. Next week, the concrete work will be completed and digging of the drain will start. Construction is scheduled to start in mid-September.

Olbrechts BVBA

A new project in the Belgian Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver. A 1.4 hectare tomato greenhouse. Concrete work will start next week, followed in week 33 by the discharge. The start of steel construction is planned for the week after.

More information about this client can be found at www.olbrechts-tomaten.be

Gebr. van Duijn

Final project in this update is Gebr. van Duijn in Westdorpe (NL). At this Purple Pride grower we finished the concrete work. Digging of the rainwater discharge system will be completed next week. Construction should start in mid-August.

Let's keep in touch.

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