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Written on August 28.2020

Project update week 35: Summer building = fast buiding!


In the meantime, most of the Havecon workforce has returned from vacation. Our projects were by no means on holiday! In fact, in recent weeks an incredible amount of work has been done by the fighters on our various projects at home and abroad. Summer construction, it goes extra quickly! With this update we would like to share with you where we are.

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

The latest update of this project in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, because the greenhouse including all installations is ready. In the coming weeks, the gables of the warehouse will be completed and the finishing will take place.

Pure Flavor

Also for this project the latest update! As can be seen in the photo on the right, they are well on their way to introducing the crop (tomatoes) in Staples, Canada. However, we are not going to leave Pure Flavor yet, because in the foreseeable future we will start with phase 3. More to come!

JEM Farms

JEM Farms is another project that is in the final phase. Both the screening and the heating of the gables are almost finished. This week the excavation work for and installation of the irrigation started.


Fine leveling of the soil is in full swing in the greenhouse at RedSun. In addition, at the warehouse the last part of the steel above the loading dock was completed this week. Furthermore, next week the men will still be busy with the sandwich of the warehouse and after that we can go to the finishing phase.

Twin Creeks

Phase 3:
In this phase, we started pulling the ground cover in the greenhouse this week. Voorwinden is also working on finishing the warehouse. We are making good progress!

Phase 4:
The ventilation has been adjusted in phase 4.


Final phase at Proplant! We are largely done there. The floor will be poured next week, the following week followed by the installation of the doors. The parties responsible for the installations, such as JV Energy, Alweco / Westland and Gryphon, will also be finalizing their work in the coming period.

European works


A good proof of how fast summer building can go, because our first project in Europe, in our home country, is also in the final phase. The various installers of lighting, screening and heating, among other things, are now working on making those installations in the greenhouse operational.

Serres d'Isigny

A great project has also come to an end for us in Normandy, France. The various installers are now busy with the installation and insertion of all installations.

Grootscholte/4 Evergreen

It is almost becoming monotonous, but this will also be the last update for the Grootscholte / 4 Evergreen project in Westdorpe in Dutch Zeeland. Apart from some work on the gables, we have also finished construction work there.

Baanheidehof 2

Speaking of fast summer building: glazing the deck of the warehouse of our second project this year for the Belgian Baanheidehof finished this week! The ventilation mechanism has also been completed and a start has been made on the gables.

Cambidge HOK - Beeswax

The greenhouse frame is in place and the glass is on the deck in England. Voorwinden is now busy with (glazing) the gables. Then we start finishing again!

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

Same project status in Hoek van Holland: the greenhouse is in place and glass has been applied. The men have been busy with the (sandwich) gables last week. The sandwich is finished; next week the finishing touches will be put on the gables. After that it is already time for the finishing phase!

Dick van der Gaag

The preparatory work has been completed, so the way is clear for the construction of Dick van der Gaag's new tomato greenhouse of over 3 hectares. We will start in mid-September!

Olbrechts BVBA

To conclude this series, an update about our project in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver, Belgium. The substructure and steel are under construction, we hope to be able to start glazing the deck at the end of next week.

Gebr. van Duijn

Another project that has gone very fast in the recent weeks: the steel construction has already been completed at Gebr. van Duijn in Westdorpe. This week, the glazing and installation of the ventilation mechanism has started.

Let's keep in touch.

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