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Written on September 25.2020

Project update week 39: Let's work, be proud!


We now really dive into autumn. At the beginning of this week we still had the feeling of an 'Indian Summer' here in The Netherlands, but that is now really over. However, a little wind and rain are no problem for us greenhouse builders. We just keep going and are content that we can and are allowed to continue building. To speak with a certain Mick Jagger: 'Let's work, be proud!'

We wish you a lot of pleasure reading this extensive project update. We have a lot of fun and beautiful milestones to share!


We start with the Canadian project Redsun. The construction of the greenhouse has been completed there. Westland will start pulling the crop wire next week.

With regard to the warehouse, the gables will start next week.

Twin Creeks

We're in the end phase of both the warehouse and the greenhouse at Twin Creeks. The final work, such as placing the ground cover, installing the speed doors and ventilation, is now taking place.

The first delivery is therefore expected to take place soon.

JEM Farms


Last miles at JEM Farms. The pulling of the crop wire is in full swing. In terms of construction, Voorwinden is still busy with the intermediate and outer walls.

In the warehouse it is also the finishing touch. At the moment, flashing is being mounted on the outer corners. Fine leveling of the soil will start very soon.


In the coming weeks, the last work will take place on the warehouse at Proplant.

In the meantime, work on the greenhouse has also started. One of these days Voorwinden will complete the foundation.

Intergrow phase II

We have started phase 2 for Intergrow in Ontario, USA!
We are currently busy laying the foundation piles for the extension of nearly 4 hectares. The work for the rainwater discharge system will also start within two weeks.

European works


Our first European project, in our home country, is now really almost ready for delivery. The last work will be carried out in the coming weeks, such as installing the Novoferm doors.

Baanheidehof 2

After a good first delivery, we are working on the final finishing points in Beerse, Belgium, such as the drive-through, mounting the speed / wicket doors and adjusting the ventilation. Final delivery will take place here in mid-November.

Cambidge HOK - Beeswax

The last glazing work is currently being carried out at the Beeswax project on behalf of the English Cambridge HOK. Various finishing work is already taking place at the same time, such as the drive-through and the adjustment of the ventilation.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

With plenty of activity in the greenhouse with e.g. applying the screening, Voorwinden is also busy with various finishes on the outside now and in the coming weeks.

Gebr. van Duijn

The greenhouse is (glass) closed in Westdorpe in Dutch Zeeland! The Voorwinden men are now busy with the dilation. Completion is in sight here too; it will take place in mid-October.

Olbrechts BVBA

In the Belgian greenhouse of Olbrechts the roof is glass-tight now. The gable work will start next week. We are making good progress in Onze Lieve Vrouw Waver.

Dick van der Gaag

Final project in this update., ending with a milestone The (steel) construction of Dick van der Gaag's new tomato greenhouse has started! And it is going like a rocket again, because the inner frame is already in place and Voorwinden has already started with the gables. The first glass will be up within two weeks!

Let's keep in touch.

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