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Written on November 13.2020

Project update week 41: We shall continue...!


Autumn, what do you have in store for us? In any case, rain, a lot of rain ... Yes, we will never skip this season in our little country. It is a bit drier in North America, but the temperature is also dropping rapidly there. But you know us, that never stops us from just going on. And that's what we do!

Please join us in reading the extensive, bi-weekly update of our projects. We have also added beautiful, fresh photos too!


We start with the Canadian project Redsun. There we started pulling the crop threads. JV (Voshol) is installing the boiler and is busy with the 51mm heating pipes in the second block of this project. Finally, as can be seen in the photo on the right, Voorwinden is assembling the gables of the warehouse.

Twin Creeks

Final work at Twin Creeks. The pulling of the ground cover is completely finished and we are now working hard on the final finishing points. Outside our contract, Voshol placed the heating pipes on the supports and started rolling the cultivation gutters yesterday.

JEM Farms

Last miles at JEM Farms! We started rolling the growing gutters last weekend. That went very well, so these activities have already been completed. This week we also finished the ground cover and poured the concrete path. At the moment our subcontractor is working on the retracting of the screen cloths and the welding of the 51mm heating pipes. Finally, Codema is commissioning the irrigation system.


It runs smoothly at Proplant! The project is running perfectly on schedule. All preparations for construction are in full swing. Both on the project in Javis (ON), Canada and here in our factory in Bleiswijk (NL). Yesterday, for example, the excessively long bars of no less than 12.80 m were loaded into our containers. A beautiful sight, which we obviously do not want to keep from you! That is why we have placed the video on Youtube:

Construction to start in week 45.

Intergrow phase II

Also with the new phase of Intergrow things are running smoothly! We will finish the foundation work one of these days. All materials for the disposal have just arrived. Therefore construction of the drains can be started immediately next week.

Epione Remedios

Both buildings are (glass) closed all around at Epione! Next week Voorwinden will start with the finishing work of both the greenhouse and the warehouse.

Pure Flavor 3

New project! Phase 2 is almost completed and we immediately dive into the third phase at Pure Flavor in Staples (ON), Canada. The foundation has been completed and if all goes well, the steel construction will start within two weeks.

Ontario Plant Propagation

At the Ontario Plant Propagators in St. Thomas, Canada we slowly but surely move towards the completion. We are currently working hard on the finishing of the warehouse and the installation of the VLP doors. The installation of the screens is now at three-quarters and we hope to complete it within three weeks.

European works


Our first European project, in our home country, is now really almost ready for delivery. The final work will take place in the coming weeks, such as installing the Novoferm doors. The final delivery will be within two weeks!

Baanheidehof 2

We are also in the final phase in Beerse, Belgium, with the second phase of the Baanheidehof project. This week Voorwinden has been busy adjusting the ventilation. In the coming weeks, work will be done on, among other things, the construction of the drive-through and the installation of the speed and wicket doors. Final delivery is scheduled for mid-next month.

Cambidge HOK - Beeswax

The very last glazing work is currently being carried out at the Beeswax project on behalf of the English Cambridge HOK. Various finishing work is already taking place at the same time, such as the drive-through and the adjustment of the ventilation.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

We are also busy finishing things in Hoek van Holland (NL). The novoferm doors have been installed and Voorwinden is busy, among other things, installing the window frames, finishing the box gutter and making a passage to the existing greenhouse. Completion is in sight!

Gebr. van Duijn

We are heading towards the final delivery in Westdorpe in Dutch Zeeland! The dilation is ready and the gable has been converted this week. In addition, we have started mounting the polycarbonate gables. Final delivery must take place within two weeks.

Olbrechts BVBA

Next project in this update is the Belgian Olbrechts BVBA. Here too we are in the final phase, admittedly of construction. The last glass will be mounted in the coming weeks.

Dick van der Gaag

The steel construction is upright. From this week it will be glazed in the Dutch Noordoostpolder!

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

We are wrapping up with the first update of the beautiful extension for Leo Hoogweg in Luttelgeest (NL)! The preparatory work for greenhouses C and D is now in full swing! In fact, the foundation of greenhouse D is already ready, that of greenhouse C is almost ready.

Let's keep in touch.

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