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Written on October 30.2020

Project update week 44: 'Lockdown? Open-up!'


Talking about lockdowns. Uncertainty is never pleasant, especially when you have to deal with it on a daily basis, both in business and private life. Fortunately, common sense and a little persistence will take us a long way.

We make the most of it. And we certainly do that on our projects. No lockdowns, but 'open-ups' on our works in Europe and North America. Watch and read along!


We start with the Canadian project Redsun. There we are a long way in the greenhouse pulling the crop wires and JV (Voshol) is busy driving in the 51mms for the pipe rail system in block 3. JV is also working in the same block on the ground cables for the grow light. Finally, the typesetting is finished at the warehouse.

Twin Creeks

Twin Creeks is also the finishing touch. Final delivery will take place very soon.

JEM Farms

After an extremely tight schedule, we managed to complete this project within the set time. Great piece of teamwork! The tomato plants were added to JEM last week! See the photo on the right for the beautiful end result.


The warehouse was taken into use at Proplant this week. The photo shows a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, of which we are very proud!

With regard to the preparatory work for the greenhouse, we have come a long way with the foundation. The foot on the cistern is ready. All materials for the steel construction are now largely at their destination and construction will start in week 47.

Intergrow phase II

We are also continuing the preparatory work for the new phase of Intergrow! The foundation has been completed and in the meantime the construction of the drains is now underway. The planned construction will start next February.

Epione Remedios

Voorwinden is working hard on finishing the greenhouse and warehouse for this project in Old Castle in Canada.

Pure Flavor 3

Phase 2 is almost completed and in the meantime we have already plunged into the third phase at Pure Flavor in Staples (ON), Canada. The foundation and drainage have been completed and last week a start was made on the steel construction, of which you can see a beautiful action photo on the right.

Ontario Plant Propagation

Our Ontario Plant Propagators project in St. Thomas, Canada, was completed this week. The warehouse has already been taken into use and in the coming weeks there will be some final work on the greenhouse (the typesetting). 

European works


The first European project is Overgaag. The final delivery has been completed in Honselersdijk (NL)! A wonderful project in the heart of Westland has thus come to an end for us. Within two weeks, the new greenhouse will turn green when the pepper plants enter the new 4.5 hectare greenhouse. Good luck John Overgaag and team!

Baanheidehof 2

We are also finalizing the second phase of the Baanheidehof project in Beerse, Belgium. Work is now being done on, among other things, the construction of the drive-through and the mounting of the speed and wicket doors. The final delivery is scheduled for mid-next month.

Cambidge HOK - Beeswax

The very last glazing work is currently being carried out at the Beeswax project on behalf of the English Cambridge HOK. Various finishing work is already taking place at the same time, such as the drive-through and the adjustment of the ventilation.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

We are also heading towards final delivery in Dutch Zeeland's Westdorpe! The dilation is ready and the gables converted. In addition, the installation of the polycarbonate gables has been completed. The greenhouse must be delivered next week.

Gebr. van Duijn

We are heading towards the final delivery in Westdorpe in Dutch Zeeland! The dilation is ready and the gable has been converted this week. In addition, we have started mounting the polycarbonate gables. Final delivery must take place within two weeks.

Olbrechts BVBA

Latest glazing work in Belgium. In addition, the finishing work has already started, such as closing the drive-through and the dilation.

Dick van der Gaag

The steel construction is in place and the glazing of the deck is ready in the Noordoostpolder. In addition, Voorwinden has completed the ventilation and mounting of the pushers. This week the Voowinden men are busy assembling the box gutters and glazing the extension hood.

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

The final delivery of phase 2 (greenhouse A and B) took place last week. But the next, wonderful expansion for Leo Hoogweg in Luttelgeest, greenhouses C and D, is already in preparation! The piles have been pressed and the preparatory work for the rainwater discharge is currently underway. The real construction followed by the glazing will start in February 2021.

Serres d'Isigny

In this project update we had already said 'goodbye' to this beautiful project in Normandy, France, but we don't always have the chance or opportunity to go back to the greenhouse when the plants are there. In this case we did which is why we did not want to withhold this photo, in which the tomato plants are experiencing their first growth in the new greenhouse.

House of Peppers

First new project is this update! At the Middenweg in IJsselmuiden (NL) we are allowed to build a greenhouse of 6.2 hectares in total for the cultivation of, (how could it be else with a name like that) sweet peppers. Marking the foundation started yesterday and the foundation itself will start next Monday.

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

New project no. 2! In Baarlo, Limburg (NL), we are going to build a flower greenhouse for Ruud and Hans Hendriks. The drawing work is in full swing and the (building) materials have been ordered. The foundation and drainage will start in the last weeks of this year. The real construction will start at the very beginning of 2021.

LG Flowers

Finally, another new project! Close to the Havecon HQ in Pijnacker, we are going to realize a new greenhouse for Lansbergen Gerberas (LG). This will be 2.2 hectares. We will start the preparatory work in the coming weeks. To be continued!

Let's keep in touch.

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