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Written on November 27.2020

Project update week 48: 'Work in progress!'


Days are getting shorter, temperature's declining. And even though it still was 26 degrees Celcious about two weeks ago in some areas in Canada in the meantime the first snow already fell. With winter coming in some of our projects go into 'hybernation'.

But Havecon would not be Havecon if we did not keep on moving and building where we can. And there still is a lot of work in progress we can share with you, both in written and with photos. Enjoy this new project update!      


We start with the Canadian project Redsun. We are a long way! This week the rolling of the gutters started. JV (Voshol) is busy filling the storage tank for hot water. And Gryphon is working hard on the main panel in the boiler room and the panels in the greenhouse. Finally, Voorwinden will start next week with finishing the flashing in the greenhouse.


Last work is now being done on the warehouse of Proplant phase II. And the steel construction of the greenhouse already is completed. Glazing will start when the wintery conditions are over! 

Twin Creeks

We now reached the final stage at Twin Creeks. The final delivery is close!

Intergrow phase II

The preparatory work for the new phase of Intergrow, phase II, has been completed. VB has also finished the ground pipes and this project has gone into 'hibernation'. Construction is scheduled to start in February 2021..

Epione Remedios

Voorwinden is also busy with the latest work in Old Castle, Canada such as finishing touches with regard to the flashing and the mounting of the sandwich in the intermediate gable wall.

Pure Flavor 3

We are well on schedule with the construction of phase 3 of Pure Plavor in Staples (ON), Canada. And we are going fast, because the steel construction has been completed. JV (Voshol) is fully engaged in the excavation work for the transport pipelines and are almost halfway there!

Ontario Plant Propagation

Last mile in St. Thomas! In the next two weeks it is really just a matter of finishing the t's until the final delivery.

European works

Baanheidehof 2

Our first European project, the second phase of the Baanheidehof project in Beerse, Belgium, involves working on the final details. Final delivery will take place next week.

Cambidge HOK - Beeswax

The very latest update of project Beeswax commissioned by the English Cambridge HOK. The final delivery took place last week and this brings the realization of a wonderful project to an end.

Kwekerij de 3-Hoek

Final delivery has been completed in Westdorpe in Dutch Zeeland. The Voorwinden men have put some finishing touches this week, such as installing the Novoferm doors. Another great project brought to a successful end!

Gebr. van Duijn

As we wrote in the previous update, the work is done for us at Gebr. van Duijn. The 'purple pride', the young eggplants have now been planted and we do not want to withhold a beautiful picture of it from you. Good luck Rob van Duijn and Team! 

Olbrechts BVBA

Final work on one of the projects in Belgium with mounting the air windows! The final delivery of the Olbrechts project will take place next week.

Dick van der Gaag

The first delivery of the van der Gaag project in Luttelgeest (NL) is done! Voorwinden is already completing the construction work. Final delivery is scheduled for next week.

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

The posts of the next expansion of Hoogweg Paprika's in Luttelgeest are pressed. The construction site has also been made ready for winter and in the new year we will pick up the thread again in the Noordoostpolder. Construction is scheduled to start at the end of March next year.

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

In Baarlo, Limburg (NL), we will start marking the land at the end of next week, followed by the foundation in the course of the following week. The construction of the rainwater discharge system will then start around Christmas time. Finally, at the very beginning of the new year, we will start building.

Missed the interview with one of the clients, Hans Hendriks? Then go to


House of Peppers

We are busy with all the preparations for the second new project, House of Peppers. The marking of the land has been completed. In the first month of 2021, we will start working on the rainwater discharge, followed by the real steel construction in week 5.

Let's keep in touch.

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