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Written on February 5.2021

Project update week 5: 'Rain, ice or snow...always on the go!'


So far we have had a typical winter here in The Netherlands. And that includes rain ... lots of rain. That sometimes does not make things easier on our projects.

In addition, the weather gods do have special winter conditions in store for us this weekend and next week. And for us that means really working hard and anticipating quickly to ensure that the conditions on all projects are safe.

Fortunately, our permanent construction partner the Voorwinden Group has the right and rock-solid equipment to be able to get the job done even under severe (weather)conditions. Whether in an unexpected Dutch winter or in an often extremely severe North American one.

But the most important thing is the commitment and dedication of our people. Rain or shine, ice or snow. With safety first in mind they are always on the go!!

With this project update we would like to inform you about what is happening on our works. Includes fresh photos from the construction site. Lots of pleasure reading and viewing what goes on at Havecon!


We start this project update with the Canadian project Redsun. We informed you in the previous update of two weeks ago that the greenhouse was being prepared for the first plants, these have now arrived and some have already been planted!

From this pont forward it is a matter of finishing touch. A wonderful project will be completed soon!


Steel is flying up at Proplant! Voorwinden is also working on the air mechanism.

In the meantime under winter conditions, the aluminium and the SDP gables have been unloaded at the construction site. The glass is expected in 2 weeks, after which the glazing, subject to the weather, can start immediately.

JEM Farms phase 4/R&D

The demolition of the current greenhouse at the location of the new extension, phase 4, is still in full swing.

When the new building plot has been completely cleared and prepared, we can start with the foundation. That is expected at the end of next month / beginning of April.

Intergrow phase II

Ready to start construction at the new phase of Intergrow! All building materials have arrived. These have been rolled out over the project in recent days and the final general preparations have also been made.

The day before yesterday we had the first milestone of this new project, as can be seen in the photo: the first steel was lifted!


Calm before the storm at our new Foliera project in Smithville, Canada. Week 11 is the planned start of construction.

Pure Flavor 3

JV Energy (Voshol) is currently working on the extension with the 4th boiler for phase 3 in the existing boiler room.

The ground in the greenhouse has been prepared for the resumption of work and the first containers with material have already arrived. Work on the construction of the greenhouse will be resumed within a few weeks.

European works

CHOK - Ewarts

We start the European part of this project overview with a beautiful new project in Scotland. We were commissioned by Cambridge HOK (CHOK) to build a new greenhouse of over 1.1 hectares for Ewarts. And we are going fast there, because construction has already started this week!

Dick van der Gaag

The final delivery has been completed at Dick van der Gaag in Luttelgeest. This brings this project to an end for us. At least, in terms of construction, as of course we never lose sight of our customers. Good luck with the first plants which already are in the greenhouse, Dick and Annelies!

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

The construction site of the two new extensions of Hoogweg Paprika's in Luttelgeest is still quiet, but within a few weeks construction will erupt again! Starting with the rainwater discharge mid this month. Construction work in the Noordoostpolder is scheduled to start at the beginning of March.

Kwekerij Vereijken

We are fully engaged in the preparatory work for the new expansion of Vereijken Kwekerijen in Someren, Brabant.

Voorwinden will complete the concrete work on the foundation of the tomato greenhouse this week. Next week, a start will be made on the rainwater discharge system, a week later according to plan the first steel should go up!

House of Peppers

An update on project House of Peppers. In IJsselmuiden, the discharge system of the new bell pepper greenhouse is currently being completed. We are well on schedule, which means that we can start construction at the end of February.

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

In Baarlo (Limburg, NL) we are still busy with construction! The frame of the new greenhouse of Ruud and Hans Hendriks will be completed next week. From that week the first glass will also be mounted and Voorwinden will start working on the air mechanism. Nicely building on.

Let's keep in touch.

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