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Written on February 19.2021

Project update week 7: 'Follow the sunshine!'


In our project update from two weeks ago we were speaking of a typical Dutch winter, but soon after we had a real winter. It started with a lot of snow, followed by more ice. These weather conditions always make it a little more challenging on the construction site for us greenhouse builders. But with the great adaptability of our people, a dose of common sense of what can and cannot be done in terms of safety and the right equipment, we came a long way.

How variable a Dutch winter can be, the weather forecasts for the coming days confirm again. The temperatures are rising and we are heading towards a lot of sunshine! And to be honest, for us that is the best way to build. We wish you a lot of reading and viewing pleasure with the extensive overview of our projects!


We start this project update with the Canadian project Redsun. It is now all about the final finishing touches to this project. And fortunately the last work mainly takes place indoors, because the winter continues in all its intensity in Kingsville (ON).
In the previous update we reported that the plants were braught in and some of them had already been planted. In the meantime, the entire greenhouse is full and despite the cold outside conditions -as you can see on one of the photos- the plants are growing very well! This is not least because of the advanced climate computer, which is now being finalized. Finally, JV Energy (Voshol) is now working on the switch panels for the grow light system, which means that almost all systems are functioning automatically.


At Proplant we are working hard on the construction. All aluminum has been mounted last week. Today the first containers with glass are being unloaded. Subject to weather conditions, Voorwinden will start glazing the greenhouse roof and the venting installation next week.

JEM Farms phase 4/R&D

The demolition of the current greenhouse at the location of the new extension at JEM Farms, phase 4, is still in full swing. The new land, where the old greenhouse has already been removed, is being prepared for construction. When this work has been completed, we can start with the foundation. That is expected to be in the middle of next month.


At our new Foliera project in Smithville, Canada we are awaiting the continuation. Week 15 is the planned start of construction.

Pure Flavor 3

In the existing Pure Flavor boiler house, JV Energy (Voshol) has come a long way with the expansion of a 4th boiler for phase 3. The burner and the panel of this bolier have been installed. We are also working hard on the greenhouse; Voorwinden has started with the aluminum gable profiles.

Intergrow phase II

Snow, snow and more snow. And cold...bitter cold. But that does not spoil the building fun on phase II of project Intergrow! Steel construction continues tirelessly and we are going fast. In the coming week, work will be carried out on the roof and gable aluminum. The venting installation will start early next week. Glazing will start in the course of March.

European works

CHOK - Hilltop Leaf

We start the European project overview with an update from Ewarts in Scotland, which we will henceforth call Hilltop Leaf. We are building a new 1.1 hectare greenhouse in Langholm on behalf of Cambridge HOK (CHOK). And that construction is progressing steadily! Voorwinden hopes to complete the steel construction next week and a start will be made on glazing. In addition, the men are busy with the venting installation and the sandwich. Movin' on strong in the Scottish highlands! 

Greenbrothers VOF

New project in preparation phase! In Zevenbergen in Dutch Brabant, we are allowed to build an eggplant greenhouse of over 5 hectares for brothers Frank and Ben Groenewegen. Preparations on paper, mainly consisting of the drawings, are in full swing. The marking of the land was done yesterday and in about a week and a half we will start working on the pressing of the piles. Great project for a great, new customer that we are really looking forward to!

Hoogweg 3 (greenhouse C and D)

We are about to start the preparatory construction work for greenhouse 3C at Hoogweg in the Noordoostpolder (NL). Digging the drain will start next week. Steel construction is scheduled for mid of March.

Kwekerij Vereijken

The photo on the left shows that the first steel went up the day before yesterday at the new expansion of Vereijken Kwekerijen! So in the coming weeks we will be nicely building on in Dutch Someren. With some sunshine and considerably higher temperatures, this undoubtedly provides a good dose of fresh motivation for the men of Voorwinden!

House of Peppers

House of Peppers update. In IJsselmuiden (NL) all preparations for construction have been completed and we will start it next week!

Ruud and Hans Hendriks

Now that the winter conditions in the beautiful North-Limburg landscape of Baarlo (NL) are over, we can pick up the glazed again! As with LG, the venting installation and the sandwich will also start next week.

LG Flowers

To close up this update, here's the stauws of the LG Flowers project. In Pijnacker (NL) it is pretty wet. But as always we will not let that stop us. The construction of the steel structure of the new extension is therefore almost finished. In the meantime - as can also be seen in the photo - the glazing has also started and Voorwinden will be working on the venting installation and the sandwich next week.

Let's keep in touch.

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