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Written on December 10. 2021

Project updates week 49 'An eventful year deserves a strong ending'

With Christmas just around the corner, we too are preparing for the cozy days. There are still some things to be done and we are trying to work towards a smashing end of the year in the updates.

Every week we make great progress on our projects. Here is an overview of the most important updates of the projects that are now in full swing or where we are planning the preparatory work. Every month we will post updates of the current projects and their progress.

Hendriks  - Baarlo, The Netherlands

At Hendriks in Baarloo, the construction is progressing very well and we are already looking forward to the completion. We are still finishing up the last points before we can hand over the project. There are still some windows to be mounted and doors to be placed.

Hoogeveen Plants - Hazerswoude dorp, The Netherlands

At the grower in Hazerswoude we continued with the construction of the 13.6 acre greenhouse for the cultivation of various types of climbing and fruit plants. At this moment the finishing touches are being put on the facades and the shutters are being mounted on the windows. In addition, solar panels are being installed on the new warehouse, which we will continue to work on in the new year

Oostland Company - Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands

At Oostland Company, we are in the final weeks before we will deliver the greenhouse. This way we can hand over the greenhouse to the owners before the new year so they can start with a fresh start in 2022. The construction of 33,000m2 for growing peppers will be completed once the silo is connected to the new greenhouse.

Tomato Masters - Deinze, Belgium

At Tomato Masters in Deinze, the foundation is almost ready and we will install the drainage in the coming weeks, before the new year, we will start with the steel construction in the beginning of 2022.

Kwekerij Baas - Ens, The Netherlands

De bouw in Ens bij Kwekerij Baas verloopt voorspoedig. Waar er nu sinds enkele weken is begonnen aan de beglazing van de kas. De 23700m2 kas zal rond de kerst volledig beglaasd zijn waarna we kunnen gaan toewerken naar het plaatsen van de gevels.

Brazander - Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

At Brazander in Bleiswijk we made space for the foundation piles after the old greenhouse was destructed, which took place last month. This week we will start with the construction of the first steel structures of the greenhouse. After which we will start glazing the new greenhouse around February.

Flora Pack –  St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

In St. Catherines, at Flora Pack, we have been working on the foundation of the warehouse which is now finished. The steel constructions of the greenhouse are now shining in the snow. The past days we made start with the steel construction of the shed and the glazing of the greenhouse.

Hendriks Greenhouses– Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

 At Hendriks in Beamsville, we have made huge strides since the last update. Where just a month ago there was the steel structure being installed, we are now at the point where the glazing is at finished, the facades are being installed and the greenhouse is almost closed.

Demers – St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada

In Quebec, the large Demers project is almost complete, where the last crop wires and the ground cloths are being placed in Block C. Here, we have been working hard since the last update. Following Block A and B, Block C will also see the first plants emerge before the new year begins. The project of 41 acre will be delivered turnkey by Havecon in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Projects in 2022

Frestia - Honselersdijk, The Netherlands
Fregaria  - Oostkamp, België
Luiten Kwekerij - Pijnacker, The Netherlands

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