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Written on March 27 maart 2020

Project update week 13: going strong!

The world looks very different today. It is corona all over. Everyone handles the situation differently and makes the best of it. We at Havecon are too and we are happy to inform you with this project update that we are still going strong. Have a look on what we are doing at the moment. 

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

We start with our North American projects and kick-off with Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP). Construction of the greenhouse is currently completed for three quarters. It will be finished in week 15 and 16 and then glazed. 

Pure Flavor

Even with all corona-related issues and measures we are able to start a new project! The visible work of Pure Flavor only started last week, but we are going very fast. The steel construction is done for over 60% already. We are very proud that we can keep full control of this work together!

Green Empire Farms

At Green Empire Farms we have been busy with last work on the second and final greenhouse and the fine leveling of the soil. Due to this enormous final sprint, the planting date has been reached and the greenhouse is now looking green!



At the RedSun project we started the foundation this week. A big job that must be completed by the end of week 16. Construction will commence in parallel during that week. By the end of week 22, the steel frame should then be upright in its entirety.




Hoogweg phase 1+2

Over to our European projects. 

How fast we go in Luttelgeest (NL)! The men of Voorwinden have been able to make enormous progress with this extraordinarily large 24-hectare project. Despite all the corona issues and restrictions, buillding site was sunny every day which gives us an energy boost!

Construction will continue steadily in the coming weeks. From the middle of next week, glazing will also start. At the beginning of this week we made a nice drone video of this project. You can find it on our Youtube channel and the Hoogweg project page below.

De Blackt/Baanheidehof/

These three Belgian works are in the final phase. The last activities will be neatly completed in the coming weeks and after that the crop in come in at Wuustwezel (tomatoes), Sint Katelijne Waver (tomatoes) and Beerse (peppers)!

Grootscholte phase IV

In Westdorpe, in the Dutch provence of Zeeland, at this project we are busy with the foundation and drainage. The concrete work for the foundation must be finished by the end of next week. The discharge Voorwinden is hoping to complete in week 16. The planned construction of the greenhouse is at the end of week 17.


Almost ready just over the Dutch border in Meerle, Belgium! This week we are still working hard on the gables and the sandwich deck, next week final work on the strawberry greenhouse of Joris Christianen will start.

Reytec Ammerlaan Sosef

New project about to start! The first work, such as pressing the posts, concrete work and drainage, will start in week 16/17. We are building a 1.2 hectare pot plant greenhouse. The planned construction start is the second half of week 17.

Let's keep in touch.

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