written on July 5th, 2021

Projectupdate week 27: 'continue to grow and expand'


Every week we make great progress in our projects. Down below we have a projectupdate on our current projects we are construction, or preparing to start to construct. Monthly we will post updates on the current projects and their progress.   

Hoogweg phase 3 (Kas C en D) – Luttelgeest, the Netherlands

The last block of phase 3 in the Noordoostpolder is nearing completion. At the end of May, Voorwinden even set a new glazing-record! 185 bays were glazed in one single day by Team Pavlo! Greenhouse 3C is as good as ready and in the 3D Greenhouse the last gables will be placed. The coming weeks will be used to finish up the last details on this impressive project!  

D.C. van Geest – ’s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands

The greenhouse roof in ’s-Gravenzande is fully glazed! In a week time we glazed a big part of the roof. Last week, we placed the last vents on the roof. The warehouse is now fully plated with sandwich panels. What remains are placing the gables and finishing up the final details.  

Royal Peppers Phase 4 - Waddinxveen, The Netherlands

Fortunately, after a somewhat wet start with the foundation of the greenhouse, the sun showed up. Voorwinden was able to continue building without any problems under a clear blue sky. Sooner than expected, we started glazing this week!

Greenbrothers VOF - Zevenbergen, the Netherlands

In Zevenbergen, the entire steel structure of the greenhouse was raised in less than two weeks. After all the aluminum was placed, it was time to start glazing. Last week, the first glass was placed and we are still on schedule to finish before the summer holiday. 

Ammerlaan Orchids – Pijnacker, the Netherlands

Back at a Havecon customer from the very beginning! In Pijnacker, we started the expansion of Ammerlaan Orchids. The foundation and rainwater discharge are already in place. This week we started with the steel construction. Glazing will start in a couple of weeks and will be finished before the summer holiday.

Oostland Company - Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands

In Berkel en Rodenrijs, the foundation is already in the ground. Voorwinden is currently doing the excavation work for the rainwater discharge. The steel construction of the greenhouse will start at the end of July.

Bart van Isacker - Staden, Belgium

After the necessary groundwork, we started the concrete work in Belgium for the expansion at Bart van Isacker. Mid-July, we will start with both the rainwater discharge and the steel construction.

Intergrow Phase II - Ontario (NY), USA

At Intergrow, the concrete path within the greenhouse will soon be placed. After this, the doors can be mounted. After the doors are installed, Voorwinden will take care of finishing the project. Then the final delivery will soon follow. 

JEM Phase 4 + R&D – Ruthven, Ontario, Canada

In Ruthven, there is plenty of activity at JEM Farms! Voorwinden is working on the gables in phase 4. For the screening, it is only a matter of time before the cloths will be installed. In the meantime, heating is in place in the gables and excavation work for the irrigation is in full swing. The installation of the insect netting is almost complete in the R&D greenhouse. The installation of the gable screens was completed last week. The irrigation is already in place and currently we are working on the heating installation.

Pure Flavor Phase 3, Staples, Ontario, Canada

We are getting closer to the plant date at Pure Flavor phase 3. August 1st, the first plants will arrive. Voorwinden has already done a lot of work on the crop wires and finishing the gables in the past weeks. Fine leveling has been completed and the screening installation is ready. Voorwinden is currently installing the doors and the heating installation is being completed. 

Proplant Phase 2 – Jarvis, Ontario, Canada

Voorwinden is busy placing the screen at Proplant. In addition, the last details for the construction are being completed and building-opening has been closed. The last doors will be installed in the coming weeks. 

Demers – St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada

The pace is high in Quebec! The glazing crews are ready to start glazing block 1, while the steel construction of block 3 has started. The steel work of block 2 is in place and here the gables will be provided with aluminum. Furthermore, hard work is being done on the heat storage tank and the pipe work for irrigation has started.

Foliera – Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

At Foliera, the greenhouse roof is fully glazed and the gable aluminum has been mounted. Apart from the screening cloths, the screening installation is also in place. Heating, irrigation and electricity will start in the coming weeks, after that we will come back in August to finalize the project.

Platinum Produce –warehouse – Blenheim, Ontario, Canada

The new warehouse at Platinum Produce is almost ready! The steel for the doors has been mounted and third parties are now starting the concrete work. We will come back here one more time to finish up the final details.

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