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Written on september 16, 2021

Project update week 37: ‘Focus to finish and new opportunities’

Now that we are far into quarter 3, the finalizing projects are following each other at a rapid pace. We are in a period in which many projects are nearing an end. A time when sharpness is required from our employees to keep everything running smoothly.

Every week we make great progress on our projects. Here is an overview of the most important updates of the projects that are now in full swing or where we are planning the preparatory work. On a monthly basis we will post updates of the current projects and their progress.

D.C. van Geest – ‘S- Gravenzande, The Netherlands

At D.C. van Geest we have finished all the work on the sandwich walls. Soon the last sliding doors will be placed in the new greenhouse, after which the final delivery will take place.

Greenbrothers VOF - Zevenbergen, The Netherlands

In Zevenbergen we are back on site after a short absence. Here we are currently working on the last details of the corridor and the outer walls will soon be placed. Finally, we will install the doors and dot the i's and cross the t's, after which we can also work towards the final delivery

Royal Peppers Phase 4 - Waddinxveen, The Netherlands

Project Royal Peppers is also in the completion phase.... The past period the complete glazing has been completed and Voorwinden is currently working on the last details. The facades have been placed and soon the first opleveirng will take place, after which the final delivery will follow soon.

Oostland Company - Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands

Since the last update a lot has happened at Oostland Company in Berkel en Rodenrijs. The entire steel construction has been erected and at the moment we are busy glazing the greenhouse roof. In addition, after the glazing the air mechanism is being prepared. Coming weeks we will finish the glazing and the facades will be placed.

Ammerlaan Orchideeën - Pijnacker, The Netherlands

At Ammerlaan Orchids we are in the final phase of the project. The greenhouse is as good as finished, except for a few details. Last week, third parties have been busy with the screen and heating installation. Next week the new concrete floors will be poured, after that the doors can be placed.

Bart van Isacker - Staden, Belgium

Another completed project, this time in Belgium at Bart van Isacker. In Staden, the company has not been idle in recent months. With 1.8 Ha new greenhouse for growing strawberries, Bart van Isacker can look forward to a substantial upscaling of production capacity to take the company to the next level.

Kwekerij Baas, Ens, The Netherlands

A new project in the Noordoostpolder! Here we will realize 2.2 ha of new construction for Kwekerij Baas. Kwekerij Baas is specialized in the cultivation of pot and bedding plants.

This week we started with the piling, Next week we will start with the concrete for the foundation.

Hoogeveen Plants - Hazerswoude dorp, The Netherlands

At Hoogeveen Plants the foundation was completed this week. The drain is also already fully in the ground. Next week we will start with the first visible work, pulling up the steel construction.

In Hazerswoude there will be a beautiful extension of 5,5 Ha for the cultivation of colorful seasonal flowers.

Flora Pack –  St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

In the coming weeks, the fields around Flora Pack in St. Catherines will look a little different. The colleagues of Voorwinden will start here with the foundation of the new greenhouse of 2.4 ha. The project will be the third expansion of the company, after the two already existing greenhouses at Flora Pack.

Hendriks Greenhouses– Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

After the design came off the drawing board about 6 weeks ago, we came to Beamsville a few weeks ago to start the construction of the new 1.3 ha greenhouse for potted plants. At this moment we are busy with the concrete works and the foundation for the greenhouse is being pounded out of the ground. After which we will dig the drainage to finally be able to go up in height with the steel construction.

Foliera – Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

In late August, after a short vacation break, our people returned to Beamsville to complete the greenhouse. Where we installed gables and doors and installed the sandwich panels and finished the screening. We are now at a point where the final delivery is in sight and we are finalizing the last details to deliver the greenhouse.

Demers – St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada

At Demers we have glazed the roofs. The facades will be placed within a few weeks and we will also start fine-levelling the soil and placing the crop wires and cultivation gutter cables.

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