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Written on 21 february 2020

Project update week 8: work in progress!

After a good and busy week, in which we were to be found at the Dutch Horticontact exhibition in Gorinchem, you would almost forget that we also have a lot of projects in progress or are in the pipeline. Did we say a lot? We mean: a whole lot! An overview of some of our beautiful works with their current status. 

Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

We start our North American projects and kick off with Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP). A lot of meters were made there last week! Meters of steel construction, to be precise. As witnessed by the photo below of earlier this week, construction is going well and the visibility is progressing rapidly.

Twin Creeks

Today the official construction of this project has started! The drain has also been completed in the meantime. The first glass was also delivered this week, so we can release in Watford, Canada.

Green Empire Farms

This project in Oneida, USA is nearing completion. This week we started with the ground cover and the concrete floor in the corridor is now ready. The first meters of ground cover were placed last Tuesday... and the concrete floor of the corridor was leveled.

European projects


At Joris Christianen, too, it is making good progress. The visibility work will be completed next week and the following week the glass will go on in Meerle (B).

Hoogweg face 1+2 / Grootscholte

In the first and second phase of the Hoogweg project, all preparatory work, such as the construction of the drain, is in full swing. The feet and posts are also set. More info and photos will follow soon on the Hoogweg project page. The new Grootscholten project is also in the (first) preparatory phase in Westdorpe in Zeeland. Next week it is planned to start placing the outer markers and foundation piles.

De Blackt

This Belgian project for an additional 2.5 hectare tomato greenhouse in Wuustwezel is approaching the final phase of construction. The glazing will be completed very soon, the men of Voorwinden hope to get a long way with the facades today. Finally, they are busy installing the sandwich gables.

Genson Quality Plants

According to current planning another week or two and then the final delivery of this beautiful project will take place in Someren. Until that time the glazing will be finished followed by the final work, such as the installation of wicket doors. Finalizing the glazing and start with final work at Genson.


According to the latest state of affairs, construction has been completed and the greenhouse at Baanheidehof is being made glass-tight today!


This project is in about the same phase as Baanheidehof. Voorwinden hopes to close the greenhouse today and make a start with the gables next week.

Let's keep in touch.

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