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18 June 2018

Review GreenTech 2018

Last week we were present at the GreenTech in Amsterdam. GreenTech is the center of international horticulture technology, with a unique focus on the beginning of the horticulture chain, the production issues of growers and technological solutions. People from over 100 counties came to Amsterdam to visit the GreenTech this year, showing that this exhibition is well known internationally. The audience was highly focused on looking for information and answers to their questions. At our booth we had plesant, in-depth converstations with curious visitors and customers. At the end of each day, there was an opportinity to talk with each other in a less formal way while enjoying some drinks and snacks.

Havecon Greentech 012

At our booth visitors were given the opportunity to walk around in a virtual greenhouse to see how it looks like from the inside. With the use of Virtual Reality, various cultivation methods and the lay-out of the full greenhouse were visible. Not everyone knows what a greenhouse looks like from the inside, and with the VR experience we are able to explaine some important components in a simple way.

Havecon Greentech 010

Havecon Greentech 004
Vistiors are walking through the virtual greenhouse during the exhibition.

In addition to the trade show, we were also present at the GreenTech Summit on Monday 11th of June. This day focused on "What does the world look like in 2028?". The morning program was filled with a number of speakers, including Martin Koppert (Koppert Biological Systems) and Stijn Baan (Koppert Cress). In the afternoon, there were breakout sessions about 'The Next Leadership', 'The Next Crops' and 'The Next Growing Solutions'. Finally, Christian Kromme gave a keynote about "The next big wave of change in (green) technology.

Havecon Greentech 017
Visitors at the Medicinal Cannabis Info Point.

Havecon Greentech 020
Pieter Ammerlaan was the representative of Havecon at the Medicinal Cannabis Info Point.

During the GreenTech, we were represented in two halls this year. Next to our regular booth, we were also located at the Medicinal Cannabis Info Point. Several companies who are involved in the medicinal cannabis sector were located here to inform vistors about this market and how they contribute in it. 

Havecon Greentech 023
Team Havecon.

Havecon Greentech 014
At the end of the trade show, it was time to disassemble the booth.

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