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14 June 2018

Roof 4evergreen almost closed

Our crew is working hard in Terneuzen. There are 6 glazing crews working hard to make sure the roof is closed. And these guys make 13 hectares look like nothing. While the sun is brightly shining in the south of the Netherlands, our drone pilot takes a look, and shoots some very nice pictures and movies. Take a look at our glazing crews from high in the sky. They will be finished well before the summer break, and then it's time for the indoor installation works to take place. Well ahead of schedule!

Havecon Grootscholte fs 025 
Five crews are driving back and forth, from one end to the other. The sixth crew is working near the packing area.

Havecon Grootscholte fs 031
The last wall of the basin is being placed. Next to it, the heat buffer tank is being installed.

Havecon Grootscholte fs 033
This corner of the greenhouse is already fully glazed. The gables are still open.

Havecon Grootscholte fs 035
Our glazing crews are surprised to see the drone.

Havecon Grootscholte fs 027
Despite the diffuse glass, the steel structure below is clearly visible. The cross bracings, trusses and columns are especially well visible thanks to the white coating.

For more information have a look at the project page: LINK.

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