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01 February 2017

Rooftop greenhouse lifting operation

Since the Amstelside hotel is nearing completion, it was time for our men to start bringing our products to a higher level. Literally this time. All materials needed to be hoisted up with the help of a specialized crane, after which everything needed to be organized on the rooftop of the hotel. There was only a limited space available, but we managed to get everything intact. Nobody should expect that everything would be going easy when you take things to the highest level.

Havecon Amstelside Hijzen 001

Early in the morning the crane was set up. Daylight hadn't even started yet. The first materials to go up was wood to create a temporary floor.

Havecon Amstelside Hijzen 005

After the floor was finished, we could start lifting all the greenhouse parts. The height didn't cause any problems. The weather was good as there was hardly any wind, and no rain. The construction of the hotel however made everything quite difficult. There was only a narrow space between the beams to maneuver all the products. On top of that the floor was only two meters below the beams, which gave us very little room to get the tallest parts in the right place.

Havecon Amstelside Hijzen 010

Because of this we couldn't make our schedule. We planned to get everything in place in half a day, but it took one and a half day. Despite this setback everything was put in the right place without damaging anything. And that makes us feel proud!

Havecon-Amstelside-Hijzen 001
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Havecon-Amstelside-Hijzen 005
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