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11 December 2016

Seasun from above

It has been a while since the first plants were placed in the greenhouse of Seasun in the south of the Netherlands. Time to take a look at the greenhouse. The greenhouse is uniquely situated along the dike of the Westerschelde. Truly a magnificent view, also because of the spotless blue sky. The drone has filmed the old and the new greenhouses from above. Please enjoy these beautiful images.

Havecon-Seasun-Drone 001
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 002
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 003
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 004
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 005
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 006
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 007
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 008
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 009
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 010
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 011
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 012
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 013
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 014
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 015
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 016
Havecon-Seasun-Drone 017

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