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05 January 2018

Storm Eleanor - Several million euros damage as a result

Wednesday 3 January, storm Eleanor hit the greenhouse industry. The result, shattered glasses and broken screen cloths. At Interpolis, the largest insurer of the agricultural company in the Netherlands, more than 180 damages have been reported. The largest part, 70 to 80 percent, concerns greenhouse horticulture companies. The reports come from all corners of the country, but are centered in South-Holland and especially in and around Bleiswijk.

A first estimate - a rough estimate, emphasizes Interpolis spokesperson Adri Witlox - amounts 7 to 10 million euros in damages. This mainly concerns glass damage (the worst: 2000 broken windows), damage to cultivation & crop can only be specified accurately over time.

Havecon Stormschade

Greenhouses builders and installers are currently busy to inventory and repair the first damages. Again there is a great need for essential items such as repair glass and new cloth material. We too are working hard to help the growers restore their greenhouses. The first repairs have already been carried out and next weekend there are glazers on the way to repair damage.

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