16 June 2016

Sublimato nursery construction photos

A lot of construction is going on in the Dutch province of Zeeland. 4Evergreen is adding 18 hectares, VGT 15 and the Zeeland branch of Van Adrichem 10. On Facebook, the nusery shows that construction is progressing despite the rain.

At Van Adrichem Kwekerijen's branch in Westdorpe, the foundation is in progress. The footings were largely poured in week 21, and a start was made with the concrete walls that de greenhouse will be built on.

The heavy rainfall (over 60 mm) recently caused some frustration, but the work has largely been able to continue. Most of the water has been drained to the ditch through two slits along the entire length of the land and the foundation. only a couple of puddles are left.

Read more on the Hortidaily website.

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