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Written on May 7.2021

The biggest roof washer platform @Twin Creeks

As a dedicated greenhouse builder, we usually like to talk about the development, manufacture and construction of new greenhouse horticulture projects. But sometimes things happen around it that are just too extraordinary to not pay attention to.

This was the case with our customer Mike Cornelissen with Twin Creeks, for whom we were able to provide the third expansion at the beginning of last year. This cultivation facility of over 9 hectares in total made Twin Creeks one of the largest pepper growers in Ontario, Canada after completion in the spring of 2020.

We are now a year later and the greenhouse roof of the last extension was in need of a thorough cleaning. Mike found it inefficient to have to hang his Top Cleaner with platform each time with a crane, and thought “how easy would it be if the space of more than 9 meters between the newest greenhouse and an older one could be bridged?” Well, van der Waay from Hazerswoude in The Netherlands knew what to do with that issue!

The market leader in greenhouse roof cleaners, chalk machines and machines for repairing and maintaining greenhouses for the occasion built a custom-made platform with a larger surface than the average Dutch living room!

“The platform measures over 43m2, says Tom Zwanenburg, Sales Manager at van der Waay, and hangs between the two greenhouses. And to add to that size: that is more than 4 times the size of a standard platform! ”

He continues: “The Top Cleaner platform is equipped with a lifting table with a turntable platform on which the roof washer stands. After washing a greenhouse, the roof washer is lifted and turned 180 degrees, after which the roof washer is ready to start brushing the opposite greenhouse fully automatically ”. 

Upon arrival in Canada, Mike Cornelissen assembled it himself and had the colossus hoisted to the greenhouse roof under his own management. This operation can be clearly seen in the pictures above. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

Mike was once again impressed by the ingenuity and inventiveness of the Dutch: “Whether it concerns the construction of a hi-tech greenhouse or an exceptional platform for cleaning my greenhouse roofs, the Dutch don't shy away from anything. That's why I enjoy working with them so much ”.

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SLIDE SHOW PICTURES: the roof washer from van der Waay being assembled in their warehouse, transported to the right positiion and in action at Twin Creeks.

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