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02 October 2019

Update Coolbergen III project: first crop sown

The greenhouse Coolbergen III from Ortolanda in Oude-Tonge (NL), designed and built by us in collaboration with the Voorwinden Groep, has been taken into use. The greenhouse has recently been partly equipped with the first crop.

The crop is planted clockwise through the new greenhouse, so that a part will be growing and a part can be harvested. Hard work is still being done on the last part of the new greenhouse, as can be seen on the photo below. People are busy expanding the concrete path. that is deposited later.

Havecon Coolbergen III 023
Preparations for the future concrete path are being taken

Havecon Coolbergen III 026
First radish is being sown in Oude-Tonge (NL)

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