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18 December 2016

Verver settles in Alton area

Verver Export moves from Ursem to The Alton Area in Heerhugowaard. At the moment the company is building a new 10.000 square meter greenhouse complex. Today Verver Export is still situated in Ursem, where it rents a circa 7.000 m² commercial property. Increasing company activities and the decision to grow potted plants themselves has pushed Verver Export to search for a new company location.

Verver Export is specialized in the design, delivery and installation of green concepts for public space, and will now grow potted plants themselves. That didn’t happen in Ursem yet.

The company also owns an experimental greenhouse in Heiloo, the residence of owner Tijmen Verver. Verver Export, employing 27 fte, is mainly active in Western Europe and Scandinavia, where France is the main market.

Greenhouse complex
The build plan has been put together in cooperation with engineering company Agrofocus, which also guided the permit applications. Sixty percent of the new building will be used for growing plants, while the rest is planned for storage, manufacturing, processing and distribution.

Havecon Verver Gevelaanzichten

At the front there will be office space for about 20 employees, and three loading docks that will be used for distribution. The entrance of the complex will be covered in green plants. At the rear of the complex an experimental garden will be set up, where concepts for plants will be developed and tested. Verver Export strives to have a business with an as small as possible emission, by using the latest techniques to build the new complex and by making arrangements regarding energy savings and by generating its own energy.

The Alton area is typically described as a mature greenhouse area, with a focus on high quality niche cops with a high added value per square meter. The area has been restructured in the last couple of months to enhance the economic vitality by promoting the development and growth of the existing companies.

Havecon Verver Nieuws Drone

CEO Tijmen Verver of Verver Export: “The dynamics of the Alton Area has lured us: companies are working together to become stronger. We want to be a part of that. At the moment we’re the second new business that has settled itself here, and I hope more companies will follow this example. We feel welcome here, and from the start we have been well supported by Development Company North-Holland North. It is a good start for us.”

Area coordinator Dave Vlaming: “With Verver Export moving to the Alton Area it has been confirmed that modern greenhouse businesses think that this is an excellent place to settle. Verver Export is a niche company with a high added value per square meter, and a high employment rate per hectare. It fits perfectly in the scale of this area.”

Havecon Verver Uitzetten

Alderwoman Monique Stam (Economic Affairs) of the municipality of Heerhugowaard: “The municipality of Heerhugowaard is very pleased with the arrival of Verver Export in the Alton Area. It’s beautiful to see that the collaboration between entrepreneurs has taken place from the bottom up, and that new settlers feel attracted to the dynamics of the area. It is unique that 100% of businesses here have joined the local entrepreneurial association and it shows the solidarity amongst each other. The municipality of Heerhugowaard on his turn will do everything to get the right atmosphere to facilitate the businesses in Alton. We are working hard to get a broadband internet connection and a heating network.”

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