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07 December 2017

Vissers Plant Innovators – Roof Fully Glazed

At the beginning of October we started to build a new greenhouse for Vissers Plant Innovators in America, Limburg. The project is over 5 hectares of new greenhouse area which will be used for strawberry cultivation. The construction site is located next to 2 Centerparcs holiday parks.

Within 2 months all groundwork was completed and the steel frame of the greenhouse was in place. The glazing crew have equipped the roof of the greenhouse with glass in only three weeks time. December 1st, the entire roof was already fully glazed!

Havecon Vissers 001

Havecon Vissers 002
Three months ago all steel parts were delivered.

Havecon Vissers 003
The foundation works were already completed by then

Havecon Vissers 004
The rain water discharge system is still being installed

Havecon Vissers 005
All foundation poles are neatly aligned, the construction crew only needs to put the columns on top.

Havecon Vissers 006
And this is how it looked like last week. The roof is closed, and the gables are being glazed

The gables will be completed in the coming weeks, so that de greenhouse will be completely closed before Christmas and work can start inside the greenhouse.

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