11 May 2018

Construction of new branch Voorwinden Group and expansion Havecon

The new Voorwinden Group location is rapidly taking shape. Where last month the first steel beams were put up, now the roof is almost completely closed and the first fa├žades have already been erected. At the same time, the Havecon warehouse will be extended, once again demonstrating the connected character of both companies. During the construction of the Havecon warehouse, the Voorwinden warehouse was already designed. Therefore, no unforeseen problems will be encountered during the construction.

Last Friday, on a beautiful sunny day, the drone took pictures of the progress of the construction. At this moment the steel construction of the Havecon extension is being completed, while on the Voorwinden building work is being carried out on the roof. There will be an office area in the front, while the remainder will mainly  be used for machine maintenance. According to scheduled planning, Voorwinden will be able to move into their new office in September. 

Havecon Voorwinden Groep 003

Havecon Voorwinden Groep 004


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