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19 July 2018

We have moved

Last week we have moved from the Marconistraat to the Lorentzstraat at business park 'de Hoefslag' (Bleiswijk). Our new address is Lorentzstraat 8, 2665 JH Bleiswijk. The move went very smoothly, while there was a lot going on during the day. At the end of the day everyone was settled at their new workplaces, all computers were connected agian and we were able to have a drink and celebrate the succesful move.

Havecon Verhuizing 022

Everything was already packed on Thursday morning so that the movers could start working straight away. Within no time the first truck was filled with desks, chairs and boxes, so that we could start setting up our new workplaces at the Lorentzstraat immediately. At the same time, our ICT was also being moved so we were temporaroly unavailable. By the end of the day everything was moved to the Lorentzstraat and all workplaces were set up. Most boxes were already unpacked and the servers were up and running again, so the daily business could start again.

Below is a short impression of our move to the Lorentzstraat.

Havecon Verhuizing 006
Everything is ready to go.

Havecon Verhuizing 011
The first desks and boxes have arrived at the Lorentzstraat.

Havecon Verhuizing 008
Everything is transported carefully by the movers.

Havecon Verhuizing 017
The workplaces are set up and the first computers are working again.

Havecon Verhuizing 014
The Marconistraat is empty.

Havecon Verhuizing 020
Everything is in place and we can start again with our daily business.

Havecon Verhuizing 021

Havecon Verhuizing 019

Let's keep in touch.

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