04 July 2018

Working progress installations Porta Nova

The construction of the greenhouse itself was already finished a couple of weeks ago. From the outside is does not seem that much is happening at the moment. And yet there is a large group of people present at the project every day to ensure that the greenhouse can be operational this year. A good moment to have a look at the progress of the various installations in the greenhouse.

 Havecon Porta Nova 066
The foundation of the warehouse is under construction.

From the outside it is only visible that one gable is still open, and that work is being done on the foundation of the warehouse. This warehouse has a multifunctional character. The packing hall will be established in this warehouse together with sorting machines and other required machinery, This building will also include an office, canteen and dressing rooms.

Havecon Porta Nova 067
The working activities become visibile once you walk into the greenhouse.

The first thing you notice when entering the greenhouse is that they are digging almost everywhere. This has to do with the installation of the irrigation system and the water buffer. Piping needs to be placed between the watertechnical area and the water buffer. Paths have been laids out to ensure that all vehicles can still enter the greenhouse.

Havecon Porta Nova 068
The water buffer looks like a large swimming pool.

Havecon Porta Nova 069
They are working on the electrical cables for the lighting installation.

A good lighting installation is very important for roses. A large number of electrical cables must be installed for this purpose, which are combined on various distribution boxes spread over the greenhouse. Thick cables come in from underneath, which then split to large string of smaller cables.

Havecon Porta Nova 071
This part of the electrical installation is almost done.

Havecon Porta Nova 070
Tube rails are welded while they are attached to the columns.

Some brackets are temporarily mounted on the inner columns for the purpose of welding the tube rails. This way, most of the welding work can already be carried out on site. The welds are painted immediately to prevent corrosion. Once the ground cloth is in place, the tube rails will be put into place. After this, two pieces are connected to each other by welding two curved part at the ends.

Havecon Porta Nova 073
The heating pipes on the gable are in place.

Flexible hoses are attached to the heating pipes on the gable. These will be connected to the tube rails.

Havecon Porta Nova 072
Most of the activities in the top of the greenhouse have already been completed at the back end of the greenhouse.

The screening installations only misses the cloth. The choice has been made for two cloth on one wire bed. The first parts of the installation of the screening system have taken place shortly after glazing. As soon as the first glass is in place, the screening installation starts. The glass is chalked so that the temperature inside will not go up too high. The plugs for the lamps are all already visible.

Havecon Porta Nova 074
The concrete floor is ready to be poured into the technical room.

In the technical area everything is ready to pour the concrete floor. All pipes are already in place, and can be connected once the floor is done.

Havecon Porta Nova 075
The pipes are ready to be connected.

 Havecon Porta Nova 076
The watertechnical area is prepared to put the silos in place.

From a higher level, the project looks very different again. The greenhouse itself seems already finished. But it is only the construction you can see from the outside. There is still plenty to do inside. Everything is still going according to plan, thanks to the good cooperation between all the different companies that are involved. Once again a well organized project!

 Havecon Porta Nova 077
The backside of the greenhouse, with the outdoor basin.

Havecon Porta Nova 078
The frontside of the greenhouse, with the contours of the warehouse already clearly visible.

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