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Written on May 1. 2020

Project update week 18: movin' on!

And we moved into the month of May already! Corona and all the restrictions it brings is still something we are facing on a daily basis, but we are happy and thankful we are still moving on!

Read along with our projects and the phases there are in.  


Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP)

We start with our North American projects and kick-off with Ontario Plants Propagation (OPP). 

Last week we interviewed Tim vanderKooy, VP Sales & Customer Experience at OPP (read the interview here), in which he talked about the current project. Tim will be delighted, because construction in St. Thomas, Ontario has continued steadily over the past week!


Pure Flavor

Two weeks ago we informed you that we could even start a new project during all corona issues. Today we can report that the construction of the steel construction has already been completed! The pushers started yesterday and the gable glass is unloaded on location today. Unprecedented how much work has been done here in a short period of time!

JEM Farms

New project! In Ruthven, Ontario, Canada, we have started preparations (including foundations) for the construction of a greenhouse over 7 hectares. The first sample should go up there in mid-June!



Also at RedSun we go on fearless! After today, the steel construction of the greenhouse should be ready and preparations for glazing will be made. In the coming weeks, the glass will be unloaded and immediately go on the deck!




Hoogweg phase 1

On to our European projects.

Mountains are being moved in the Dutch Noordoostpolder at the Hoogweg project. Greenhouse 3B is completely finished in terms of construction and glass, greenhouse 3A is finished in terms of steel construction and we are already halfway through glazing. A great example of excellent teamwork!

Serres d'Isigny

'Coarse artillery' towards French Isigny last week! A transport column with material went that way. Construction will then really start next week.


De Blackt/Baanheidehof/

These Belgian works are in the final / delivery phase. The last work at De Blackt has been neatly completed and the crop will go into the greenhouse next week. Krikato has also been completed and therfore soon the tomato plates can be planted in Sint Katelijne Waver. The crop has already been planted at Baanheidehof in Beerse.
But that does not end the story at Baanheidehof, because we will start phase 2 within a few weeks!

Grootscholte/4 Evergreen

In Westdorpe in the dutch province of Zeeland, construction at the Grootscholte project is now running at full speed! Despite the fact that the sun had left the Voorwinden men a little in the past week, they just keep building. This has - as shown in the photo on the right - resulted in a large part of the steel already standing and we will start glazing within a few weeks.


Joris Christianen's strawberry greenhouse in Meerle in Belgium is almost ready! The final delivery will take place next week and with that we can add another beautifully finished work to the books!

Reytec Ammerlaan Sosef

How fast can it go? Extremely! The men of Voorwinden prove this without a singel doubt at this work in the Westlands' Honselersdijk. The steel is flying up and we hope to complete the construction in the next two weeks. The glass has already been released, so the glazing can come through in one go!

Let's keep in touch.

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